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Silver Mercury Amalgam Fillings Detract from the Beauty of your Smile

If you have silver mercury amalgam fillings in your teeth, you know how they can detract from the beauty of your smile. But did you know that they can actually harm your teeth?  Metal amalgam fillings react to temperature changes, expanding when exposed to heat (like coffee, tea or soup) and contracting when exposed to cold (like ice cream, iced tea). All this movement can cause your tooth to fracture. It can also create a space between the filling and the tooth wall, allowing bacteria to get in and cause decay that can go undetected. White fillings are made of a composite resin material. So natural looking, they disappear into your tooth. The resin does not react to temperature changes, so the restoration doesn’t move in your tooth. The composite resin restorations are placed directly in the tooth in one appointment The next time you need a cavity filled, make the best choice for your health and appearance. Insist on a composite resin filling. If you would like to replace any existing metal amalgam fillings with safer, stronger tooth-colored options…

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