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The procedure involved in inserting dental implants is fairly simple. It involves 2 main stages separated by a minimum of 3 and up to 9 months of healing time:

Dental implant surgery

First the gum tissue or residual tooth socket is cleared of the old failing, unstable or broken down tooth root, if it still remains. Then, the titanium dental implant is inserted by  Braces N Gum Care Dental Implant surgeons into a surgically prepared socket in the jawbone at the site(s) of the missing teeth. Here, over the next few months, it will “fuse” or biologically bond with the underlying bone tissue. On many occasions however, while the ‘osseointegration process’ is occurring, a provisional crown or bridge can be immediately fitted onto the dental implant(s)so that you can go about your life without being self-conscious about your smile!

Implant restoration

Once osseointegration has successfully taken place, dentist will affix the permanent (non-removable) tooth crown or a final bridge onto the dental implant or implants. This component is crafted from extremely durable ceramics and resin materials so that it is able to function like a natural healthy tooth or teeth while eating, speaking and smiling! Furthermore, this artificial crown is carefully fabricated to be virtually indistinguishable in shape, color and specific function from the tooth it is replacing, whether it be a molar, premolar, canine or incisor. The placement of dental implants not only leaves you with a fully restored and functional bite, but stunning oral aesthetics that will make you smile as well!

Both procedures are very common, and not too complicated. In some cases, depending on the patient’s jaw bone anatomy, a sinus lift or a dental bone graft might be needed as well.


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