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The Importance of Replacing Missing Teeth

All our teeth are held securely in place by their roots in the jawbone. Loss of a single tooth is often due to trauma or tooth decay. When a single tooth is lost, and is not immediately replaced, the surrounding bone will begin to resorb or shrink in the empty space, because it is no longer stimulated by the tooth’s roots. With no adjacentsupport, the neighboring teeth begin to drift toward the area of the missing tooth. In other words, there is tendency for upper teeth to grow downwards and lower teeth to grow upwards. This process is our body’s way of constantly keeping our teeth in contact with one another to facilitate normal function. As the upper and lower teeth undergo tooth wear, the teeth migrate towards one another in order to maintain contact. If a tooth is missing, a problem will arise as the opposing teeth over-erupt. This over-eruption causes other problems, like  gum disease because it becomes difficult to properly clean your gums and reach all areas. This may lead to tooth decay, receding gums, and further tooth loss.
In addition, tooth loss can significantly affect one’s confidence. People with missing teeth often avoid laughing and smiling in the company of others. It can be embarrassing to the extent that some people will avoid socializing altogether and end up living a secluded, lonely life.
Improving your teeth can improve your entire appearance, making you look younger, healthier, happier and above all, giving you more self-confidence.


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