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The latest sensation in dental offices throughout World including India isn’t just whitening, but a fashion trend adding a new twist to the term a “dazzling and brilliant” smile!
Tooth jewelry, designed as clear, ruby-red, and sapphire-blue and many more glass crystals, adorn smiles of all ages across the globe. “People love it. It’s temporary, non-invasive and painless,”
They are manufactured with the highest quality materials and specifically designed for dental use. The stone is set with a primer and a small quantity of adhesive and is placed and aligned within 20 seconds with no drilling or pain. The gems can stay in place from six months to up to three years and can be easily removed at any time by a dentist.
“Tooth jewelry creates an exciting opportunity for the fashion industry to cross over into the oral healthcare field,” tooth gems are real crystals made of glass and surfaced with a special coat to make them shine like a diamond. Without impeding daily dental care or regular hygienist cleanings, the gems are specially manufactured for dental use and can be easily applied and removed.
No longer is this latest body art trend only for pop or film celebrities, we offers these shiny tooth gems to local customers in our dental office. The price for the procedure varies depending on size of jewel and dental fees.


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