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Do Braces Hurt ?

Many of the patients, who expect their orthodontic treatment to be performed, soon, often ask their orthodontist the question on whether do braces hurt during their placement procedure? And what kind of pain should I expect afterwards? The answer to these questions should necessarily include the dental braces placement, recovery, tightening, and also removal aspects.

Do Braces Hurt During Placement or attachment?

Both traditional metal braces and Ceramic braces placement presupposes your orthodontist gluing the brackets to your teeth. Both types of bracket get mounted to the front surface of the teeth & also require the metal bands bonding around the patient’s back teeth. These braces bonding procedure steps usually cause no pain. Neither do braces hurt when your orthodontists puts the wire through the brackets, needed to gradually apply force and thus, cause the misaligned teeth shifting into the proper position. When it comes to the ClearpathTM orthodontic appliances, the question do braces hurt gets even more rhetorical. The thing is that these invisible braces get put in a single individually manufactured transparent plastic tray, which gradually shifts the misaligned teeth. However, the answer to the question do braces hurt during placement is NO!

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